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Social Intelligence Agency

Social Intelligence Agency (SIA) is a digital solutions company specialising in Social Media. We use powerful Internet Listening Technology to establish a brand’s position online, and powerful Social Media Technology to build and manage brand communities. We continue to monitor the internet in order to measure the success of the social media strategy.

What We Do

SIA develops digital solutions, predominantly within the Social Media sector. We offer an end to end range of services directly to brands or to agencies representing brands.

Our strength lies in our ability to bridge the gaps between marketing, technology, and design, and our creative yet methodical approach to strategic planning and implementation.

Our Approach

  • Monitor & Analyse a brand’s position online from both a market's and brand's own perspective.
  • Conduct Stakeholder Analysis to define "wants" and "avoids".
  • Define Digital Strategy to meet stakeholder requirements and influence brand positioning.
  • Draft Design and Technical Specifications and Feature Sets.
  • Project Management documentation and processes.
  • Manage project implementation and provide constant success monitoring.
  • Provide Technical Resources if required.

Brand Monitoring and Analysis:

  • How much exposure are you getting?
  • How do you compare to your competitors?
  • What are people saying about you?
  • Is it good, bad or indifferent?
  • What events are influencing the chatter?
  • Do you know how effective your marketing campaigns are?
  • Is your perception of your brand the same as the market's?
  • Are you making the most of Social Media?
  • Are you engaging in Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing?
  • Do you have a digital strategy to influence the online market?
  • Is it successful and how do you really know?

We provide answers to these and other questions in order to create an accurate model of your brand’s position online.

We use this information to develop a digital strategy that results in:

  • Higher volumes of positive ‘buzz’ around your brand.
  • Greater reach into otherwise inaccessible sectors.
  • Improved positive brand association through WOM.
  • Counteracting your competitors online strategies.
  • Safeguarding your brand’s reputation.
  • You use this information to shape your overall marketing/communications strategy.

Social Media Digital Strategy:

  • We establish the exact positioning of your brand online by carrying out thorough monitoring and analysis.
  • We determine all stakeholder requirements to define ‘wants’ and ‘avoids’.
  • Together we determine where you want your brand to be positioned.
  • We define Key Performance Indicators based on where you are now and where you want to be.
  • We devise a strategy that will meet your objectives and the KPIs.
  • We, you or an agency implements the digital strategy.
  • We continue to monitor and amend to fine-tune the strategy.

Social Media Products:

Brand Community Application

  • For brands with existing website(s) who require a ‘bolt-on’ community for an existing member base or one that is to evolve.

'Bolt-on' Brand Social Media Websites

  • For brands or campaigns requiring a new website capable of publishing multimedia content and supporting a community of members.

Brand Ecosystems

  • For brands with numerous websites, Community Applications can be ‘bolted-on’ to each and then connected together to form brand ecosystems.

Applications for 3rd party Social Media Sites (SMS)

  • Widgets, APIs and ‘bridges’ into existing Social Media websites.

Monetisation of websites

  • We integrate e-retail, advertising and affiliate marketing solutions into your website so you can earn revenue.

Monetise Social Media Websites:


  • You can make money from your website or community application.
  • SIA can develop or integrate with existing e-retail solutions such as online shops, ticket purchasing, subscription, rentals and downloads.


  • You can make money from advertising on your website.
  • SIA can integrate with existing Ad publishing networks or offer simple bespoke solutions.

Affiliate Marketing

  • You can make money when you or your members recommend items for sale online.
  • SIA can integrate with Affiliate Marketing technologies that will place affiliate marketing links into your web site’s content.